Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bullet Point Review Of The Flaming Lips Performing The Soft Bulletin At Alexandra Palace in London Last Night

* Alexandra Palace is a wonderful venue in the summer; unrivalled sunshine views across London.

* But cans of San Miguel should NEVER cost £3.90 (and NEVER run out before the end of the gig).

* Wayne Coyne is brilliant at connecting with his venue; the first thing he did was reference Syd Barrett, who apparently played a legendary Pink Floyd gig here in 1967.

* Only Wayne could constantly call everyone motherf**kers and make it feel like a compliment.

* There were brilliant giant balloons everywhere; like watching the gig through a giant Galileo Thermometer.

* The Soft Bulletin is better as a brilliant album than a live show.

* Do You Realize? is the best song of all time.

* Wayne's mic-cam is a fantastic device.

* The semi-circular big-screen at the back of the stage featured images including topless ladies and lots of animal teeth.

* The lasers throughout the show made everyone want to photograph them.

* Wayne's space bubble made everyone smile. See my short video of it here.

* I missed Yoshimi and her Pink Robots.

* I missed Tangerine.

* Most of the crowd looked like me but with less hair.

* This was the sixth time I've seen The Flaming Lips; the other five were Glastonbury, T in the Park in Scotland, Camp Bestival in Dorset, Hammersmith Apollo and the Troxy in London. They're my favourite band.

* The second time I saw them I danced on stage dressed as a cloud.

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