Thursday, 22 September 2011

Why I’m Running The Royal Parks Half Marathon For Sky Rainforest Rescue

Mo Farah pips me in Portsmouth

Mo Farah just pipped me in the Great South Run in Portsmouth in 2009. I completed the ten miles a mere 32 minutes behind the new 5000m World Champion. I had him worried, though.
The future looked bright when I bagged a couple of sub-1:43 charity half marathons in the following  months.
And then mystery ankle-knack, which baffled the finest medics available under the Sky insurance scheme, sidelined me for the season.
I lost my mojo. And it took the plight of the jaguar to help me find it again. Those furry guys are in big trouble and it’s up to us to do something about it.
I don’t want to have to look into the tiny, tear-stained faces of my imaginary grandchildren and say: “Sergio and Yaya – no, you can’t go to South America to see the jaguars. Because they’re all dead. We killed them. Because we were too tight to stump up £10 to save the trees they lived in.”
So I’m back in training for the London Parks 13-miler on October 9; an Olympic-standard regime interrupted only by a two-week wine and elephant binge in South Africa that ended with a chance encounter with a native Manchester City fan on Table Mountain last month.
He agreed to sponsor me. He understands. He wants his future Marios and Kolos to be able to look a jaguar straight in his slitty eye with a firm and steady gaze and say, “They did it. They saved you and the rainforests you live in. May they rest in peace.”
So, please - do the future world a favour and feel good today. Sponsor me at:
Sky will donate a further £1 to WWF-UK to match each £1 donated and has guaranteed to pay a total of £2,000,000.

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