Saturday, 5 October 2013

Two Naked Ladies, Three Points For City, Ten Things Learned

Manchester City 3 Everton 1

1. The Crown and Sceptre in Shepherd's Bush has standing-room only for non-QPR fans on match days. Don't even think about sitting on one of those empty stools. They're for some bloke who'll be there in a minute. Best you can hope for is to watch the 12.45pm kick off on the mute big screen surrounded by straining hooped shirts, loud hubbub and the smell of scorched Thai food.

2. The young Rangers fan stood next to me in the baggy cap and bushy beard told me he'd put a fiver on Lukaku to score the first goal at 8-1. His was the loudest cheer when Joe Hart let another one under his right arm for Everton's opener.

3. Aguero could have had a first half hat-trick. His goal was another brilliant finish but what a shame he put that other one wide after the slickest City move of the season. One of my wife's favourite things in the house is the signed photo of Aguero on the wall upstairs. Performances like that one today are why it's there.

4. I was the only person in the pub who punched the air when he scored.

5. If you jog part of the way you can make it from the Crown and Sceptre to The Raven on Goldhawk Road during half-time. No Rangers fans in there, just a big screen with BT Sport on it, a Chesterfield sofa with my name on it and a bar serving the sensationally citrusy Naked Ladies from Twickenham Ales. One for each second half goal.

6. Fernandinho is still way off the pace. Will he ever get on it? At the moment he's a yard behind everyone else on both teams.

7. If David Silva stays fit and on form, City will win the title. He was man of the match by a mile today; quick feet, extraordinary vision, deadly accurate passing. Sterling etc.

8. Former ref Mark Halsey is a good addition to BT Sport's commentary team. It was refreshing to hear him calling it like it is and saying how poor referee Jonathan Moss was. There were never nine yellow cards in that match.

9. Aguero should be credited with the goal from the penalty. He kicked and it went in the net. The deflection off the post and Howard's comedy beard wouldn't have happened if Aguero hadn't kicked the ball. Howard doesn't want it. Give it to Kun.

10. I almost subscribed to BT Sport but decided to spend their hilarious £15 "activation fee" in the pub instead. A wise decision.

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