Thursday, 30 July 2015

Berlin Marathon: Cambria Speed Run

Up at 7am for a 40-minute tempo run along the boardwalk at Moonstone Beach in Cambria with Big Joe. We were staying at the Fogcatcher Inn and its name is no misnomer. It was foggy when we arrived yesterday after a misty odyssey south down Highway 1,  foggy when we had dinner with a delicious bottle of Californian red in the lovely outdoor diner and slightly less foggy when we did our dynamic stretching on the wonderfully cosy seafront this morning. 

I pushed hard and stayed in the peak heart rate zone for most of the run. Exhilarating surroundings - salt in the air and a great Pacific Coast atmosphere even if the run was a bit back and forth.  
We ran west to the end of the boardwalk, east to the other end, back west again, back east again and finished with some planks outside the Fogcatcher. Great way to start the day before a four-hour drive to LA via a nice Mexican lunch stop in nondescript Santa Barbara with its pier and building sites. 

We ended the day with a top notch Joe's Pizza on the beach at Santa Monica after rehydrating with a trio of IPAs at the marvellously ramshackle Ale House on Main Street. 

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