Thursday, 9 July 2015

Berlin Marathon: DOMS and Tube Strikes

Kensington Gardens: Thursday's commute

Wednesday: DOMS
Up at 6.30am for a pre-work six-miler down the Thames. Oof, this was classic Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness 23 hours after yesterday's conditioning session. I felt heavy-legged and sluggish from the minute I started running - calves complaining, glutes grumbling and thighs skiving. I just couldn't get going.
Lovely morning for a trot, though; light cloud and a cool breeze as I headed east beyond Hammersmith Bridge. I was pleasantly surprised that I'd averaged 8'10/mi by the time I headed to the kitchen for a protein shake.

Thursday: Tube Strike
Up at 6.30am again for a five-mile walk to work. The £50k-a-year tube drivers want more money for staffing the all-night service which is due in September so today was a network shutdown.
I enjoyed the 90-minute walk in the sunshine with a nice, cooling breeze. Up Bayswater Road to Notting Hall, into Kensington Gardens and straight on through Hyde Park to Marble Arch before ducking behind Oxford Street to reach the office via North Row.
I left just after 5pm for the return walk home in the lovely, warm, evening sunshine, stopping off at the Co-Op on Uxbridge Road for a rehydrating four-pack of London Pride.
I wouldn't want to do it every day but as a one-off, a ten-mile on-foot commute is highly recommended. Did nothing for my training, though: I only got into the cardio zone for nine minutes on the way home. Must ramp it up tomorrow.

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