Friday, 8 April 2011

Mancini's City: Shot-Shy, Tough-Tackling, Deadly


Very interesting stats on Sky Sports News confirm what's obvious to most of us: we don't shoot very often compared to the rest of the top four but when we do they tend to be on target and go in.

The research was prompted by a Spurs fan after it was pointed out that City have scored nine more Premier League goals than Tottenham despite Harry's reputation for all-out attacking flair.

Away, we've got the fewest shots but the highest percentage of goals to shots. At home, we're second only to United in the goals/shots ratio.

Both stats confirm what we already knew: our strikers, and Tevez in particular, are ruthless in front of goal.

It's also striking that Chelsea have had more than twice as many shots as City away from home but more of City's have been on target.

What is surprising is the high amount of tackles we put in: testament to the tirelessness of De Jong, Barry and the rest.

Let's hope Mancini keeps them off the leash against Liverpool on Monday. They were a treat to watch against Sunderland at home last weekend.


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