Sunday, 17 April 2011

Wembley Bullet Points

* I've never been up so many escalators inside a football ground before. Made it feel like a shopping centre.

* The view from the upper tier, level with the goal line and with the arch in view opposite, was fabulous, although the steep terracing meant it wasn't for the faint-hearted.

* A pint of Tetley Bitter cost £4.20.

* The chatty man sat/stood next to me was the flag carrier for the Chorlton Blues.

* City didn't turn up for the first half hour and we all thought we were going to get hammered.

* The Berbatov misses after 15 minutes were a good omen.

* Balotelli's shot from 30 yards changed the game even though Van der Sar saved it.

* The Poznan looked amazing when done by thousands of sky blue shirts behind the goal.

* Toure's goal was sensational.

* Scholes' sending off was a magnificent example of karma - he spent the week taunting City in the papers and scored the injury-time winner for United at Eastlands last season.

* Time really can stand still when the fourth official raises that stoppage-time board.

* The Wembley PA helped the celebrations at the end by playing great City songs - Blue Moon, Doves, Oasis.

* City players doing the Poznan with their back to the fans at the end was a nice touch.

* Getting out and on the tube at Wembley Central was a doddle. Hardly saw a United fan but they made a sharp exit at the final whistle.

* The Taste Of Lahore on Wembley High Street does an excellent chicken karahi for £6.50.

* There are no decent pubs or takeaways at Willesden Junction.

* ITV should have done a late-night highlights show but then what do you expect from that mob.

* City are in the FA Cup Final.

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