Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The WWE Live Wrestling Experience

Rey Mysterio launches a signature rope leap
* My first visit to the 02 Arena since it stopped being called the Millennium Dome - a fabulous venue for this sort of event but so huge I'm not convinced I'd want to watch a gig there.

* Price list: pint of Stella or Becks - £4.50; foot-long hot dog - £4.15; small portion of chips - £3.40.

* The US wrestling view of Britain was summed up by three icons on the set: a London bus, a black cab and a red telephone box.

* The lighting and backdrops were spectacular.

* I'm sure we sat in the same row as Ruth Gledhill, the religious affairs correspondent at The Times - she spent most of the evening walking in and out of the row and treading on toes and the rest of it on her iPad but to be fair she probably had a deadline for one of her excellent reads.

* The wrestling action was very stop-start: it felt like it needed editing together, which it will be when it's shown on TV but that's no consolation for the paying punter.

* Pro-wrestling works better with commentary.
Big Show about to get hit big
* The wrestler called Big Show is a latter day Big Daddy - memorable looks but not enough action.

* Too many of the bouts were grapple fests with not enough spectacular aerial action.

* Rey Mysterio was the best on the night.

* The 02 Arena is very difficult to get away from when a power failure shuts down the Jubilee Line: it meant a Thames boat, the DLR, the Central Line and a 12.30am arrival home.

* Me, Joe and Mark agree: you only need to see live WWE a maximum of once.


  1. Hi Dave, yes it was me! Sorry I trod on your toes. I did apologise but there was a lot of noise perhaps you didn't hear! Wasn't it a great night? I had to keep getting up to go and check on son who was sitting elsewhere, and also to work on story for the paper regarding something else entirely!

  2. *red-faced* That'll teach me to be so rude...