Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Best Clock A Man Can Get

The Gillette Building at 3pm today

The clock's stopped on the Gillette Building.

It's been telling the time on the corner of the Great West Road and Syon Lane near Osterley in Hounslow since Sir Banister Fletcher completed his landmark art deco building in 1936.

Gillette moved out to Poland five years ago and the process of turning their former European HQ into a four-star hotel has been painfully slow. At the moment the building is deserted and there is no evidence of any construction work.

But the four-faced neon-illuminated clock has carried on regardless. Until today.

So I was relieved when an unofficial spokesman for the owners, Bonnington Investments, told me the pendulum had broken and had been sent away for repair.

Time will stop standing still as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Clock started working again on June 13. So everyone can relax.

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