Monday, 9 May 2011

Cup Final Countdown: 5 Days To Go

Today is the 30th anniversary of City's last appearance in the FA Cup Final.

The famous one when Corrigan, Ranson, MacDonald, Reid, Power, Caton, Bennett, Gow, Hutchison, MacKenzie and Reeves drew with Tottenham then lost to Ricky Villa's bonkers winner in the replay. This is my memory of it in an earlier post.

That unhappy replay took place on May 14 - the same date City go back to Wembley to face the long-throw ammo of Stoke in this year's final.

The 2011 ticket is almost identical to the semi-final ticket (above) and basically an advert for the sponsors.  Back in 1981 it was a mini work of art with an etching, a lion watermark and everything.

And it didn't cost £85.

Be good if we could hammer Spurs tomorrow night and take their place in next season's Champions League as a Final warm-up.

Revenge is a dish best served very cold.

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