Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Champions League In 13 Texts: City v Spurs

Vince at Eastlands (7.41pm): In position. Just made it. Packed. Come on blues. Good early start.

Me watching on TV in W12: Quietly confident.

United Fan Brother watching on TV in Manchester (7.43pm): Looking 4ward 2 sum sexy futbol. if mancini ruins this game there'll be calls 4 sak. bad sport 2, as witness fil nevil, sparky etc. Come on the lilywhites.

Me: Park the bus!

Me (8.13pm): Bloody dreadful.

Vince: Poznan! Lescott! Needed that. Phew.

Me: Come on!

Me (half-time): Can't remember shouting at TV so much. Agony.

Vince (8.53pm): Got to get another. Tev and mario on to put it beyond doubt.

Vince: We're suffering here. Need to clear our lines. Tev warming up. Too early yet. Edge of seat.

Me (9.16pm): Nervy 20 ahead.

Vince (9.48pm): Dave! We did it! Champions league!

Me: With 2 games to spare! Get in. Taste of Lahore next.

Brother: radio silence

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