Sunday, 14 June 2015

Berlin Marathon: 14 weeks and 6 days to go


I took a week off running after the buttock-burning 13 miles of the Welsh Castles Relay last Saturday so this weekend is the first couple of days of focused training for the marathon on September 27. 
I'm following the Bupa intermediate plan with the intention of using a personal trainer at the Virgin Active club once a week. 
It was the Reading Regatta so I dropped Joseph off at the course at 8am, helped to assemble the boat club marquee then jogged alongside that lovely, leafy stretch of the Thames for an easy six-miler in the drizzle. 
Swallows, common terns, whitethroats, swifts, blackcaps, red kites - just some of the reasons I never listen to music while I run. I love the scenery and the sounds all around me. I ran west along the path towards Pangbourne. Flat as a pancake until the third mile when it diverted up a steep metal bridge over the railway then up a steeper hill through a housing estate sounding of chiffchaffs. Me and my glutes were happy to make the turn back. 
I misread the watch on the run home and thought I'd nearly finished when I still had a mile to go. No problem. The goslings and swans near the chandlery were a marvellous sight. 
I rehydrated with a SIS protein shake and paid £2.35 to shower and change in the Rivermead Leisure Complex. 
A decent enough return to the orange Asics trainers (I left the Brooks out in the rain on Friday night) but I'm still sore from that monster hill at Llanfair Caerinion. I need a foam roll and a soak in the jacuzzi. 
One of the parents chugged me into running Berlin to raise money for the boat club. It's a good idea. A lot of people will be getting unwelcome sponsorship emails. 


Woke up dehydrated after an evening at Tim and Tracey's party. A few too many Heinekens and Sols to go with the Pride at the regatta and the Brewers Union beers in the garden. The impromptu dad dancing may explain the stiff thighs but it's more likely to be yesterday's run. 
I hauled myself off to the gym and ran in the rain around Acton Park for an easy half an hour. That hill still makes me groan every time I run up it. Three and a half laps then back to the gym for some powerpad planks, a sauna and a jacuzzi. 
This just might be day one of the ambitious no-booze-at-home plan for the duration of the training. So far so good. We'll see. Rest day tomorrow. 

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