Monday, 15 June 2015

Berlin Marathon: Sports Massage

Rest day in the first full week of training and STILL feeling a bit stiff post-Wales so I cycled down to the Park Club for a luxury sports massage.
Richard was recommended by a friend who's having physio on his injured knee. He charges £35 for half an hour lying in a small, warm room listening to the pumping cardio class in the studio upstairs while he works his magic.
First up some firm pressure on the hips before attention turned to the thighs and ITBs while we compared football notes. The Manchester City badge on my tracksuit top gave me away. He's a United fan but he promised not to be too harsh on me. 

Back of knee selfie

The back quarter-hour was the best. Warm, repeated massage on those tight hamstrings and some almost-painful work on calfs which I didn't even realise were tight. It ended with some ankle flexing and a welcome glass of water to flush out those Richard-released toxins. 
The vastus lateralis glowed, the gluteus relaxed and the tibialis anterior sighed softly into the white towels. I had a new mini spring in my step when I headed back to the bike rack. 
I'll be back. 

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