Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Berlin Marathon: The Spin Zone

Back on track with a booze-free rest day yesterday but the top of my right foot still felt a bit wobbly today so I opted out of a scheduled 40-minute run and in to the 45-minute 7.35pm spinning class at the Virgin Active cycle zone with Dean. 
Dean is cool. Strength of a sprinter and the grace of a panther. In spinning classes I've been to before the instructor sits on their bike at the front, over-modding into their lip mic over blaring pump thump noise. 
Dean is different. He circulates, he encourages, cajoles, calls the tap-tap-tap rhythm at pedal level and makes his orders clear. 

I'm still struggling to make spinning work for me, though. I give it my best shot and work up a decent sweat but the Fitbit stats suggest I'm not working hard enough. I'm outside the peak cardio zone and trundling along in the slow lane. I obviously need to ramp up the resistance and boost the cadence. I'll give it another go soon. 
The eternal effort to cut eat healthily is going well, though. Muesli for breakfast and salads for lunch and dinner so far this week. Only a delicious Magnum let me down tonight. And it was worth it. 

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