Sunday, 21 June 2015

Berlin Marathon: My Gel Hell

I'm struggling with energy gels. I just can't get the blighters open.
It came to a head halfway round my long eight-mile run yesterday. I took a Science In Sport lemon and lime job in my belt with the intention of a quick hit to help me through the last three miles. 
I took hold of it at Barnes Bridge. As usual, the gel foil was slippery and my fingers were sweaty meaning I couldn't get enough grip on the little tear-off strip. I tried my teeth, wiped my fingers on my non-absorbent Welsh Castles Relay shirt but all to no avail. In the end I had to stop, dry off and do it properly which was irritating. 
I once raised the issue with SIS in a Twitter Q&A. They recommended the teeth method. The one time that did work for me the foil jagged on one of my comedy 70s tooth fillings and sent an electric shock down to my vaselined toes. Nobody else seems to struggle so I guess I need more practice but if you've got any tips send them my way. 
Once open the gel always gives me an extra yard but there must be an easier way. 
The run was otherwise uneventful; cool and cloudy conditions along the Thames on the longest day of a summer that hasn't really got going. My glutes were still complaining for the first mile after Friday's lunges and there is definite metatarsal discomfort in my right foot. I may need more than one rest day this week to give it a chance to recover. 

I rehydrated with an excellent SIS Rego shake and lunched on poached eggs and beans on toast again. Then all the good work was undone by a couple of lunchtime pints of Dark Star Hophead at The Bree Louise in Euston and a Fathers' Day Nepalese feast at the Monkey Temple in Shepherd's Bush.  
Don't tell my PT. 

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